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Have you ever thought about your privacy? Why these companies present free serves for you, do you think they love you? I don’t agree with you because your data is money for them. If you let me, I remind this year epic fail Cambridge Analytica on Facebook. Do you want to be a product? Your stupid things can be  worthless but all of our stupid things such messages, post or any data with about us, they’re very priceless. If you take care of your data, you’re right. I show you, in Ethereum network we can build privacy message system.

Connect ETH

I call it Connect ETH it’s decentralized messenger. You don’t need to sign in or give your information for using it. The application generates a unique Ethereum wallet by your password and your private key encrypted in your phone. Nobody gets it without accessing your phone and your password. But another way If you lose your password, you lose your messages forever.

How does it work?

The people who want to send a message to you need to know only your public key to encrypt the message. For security, I create different key pairs for texting and wallet. For sending a message you, they expend ConnectETH token. It’s not a basic ERC20. In my opinion, there is no need Ethereum for sending token. There are some different ways, but I don’t think they’re good choices. They need a delegate who signs the transaction and you must trust it.

Is it safe?

All messages are encrypted by ECIES, so I can’t say it’s impossible to hack it but it’s safe.

There is an early version of Android app only create a private key with Web3j library and save it with your password.

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