Money and Happiness

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Nowadays, everybody thinks that money is behind of happiness. I have already made my mind up about that. I consider that money can buy happiness. Such as all happy millionaires. To begin with, there isn’t stress in your life when you are rich. You are always sublime. Many people like this life. This life looks like myth so they say that you can’t be happy with money, who are poor. In addition, they are able to do what they want to do who are too rich, or millionaires.They may have breakfast in Berlin, after that they might have dinner in New York, probably with Trump. Finally, these people have a superpower. For example, I watched a trailer for Marvel. In the trailer, a boy asked Batman “What’s your superpower?” and he answered him “I’m rich.”. It’s just trailer but it’s fact in real time, isn’t it? As you can see, only poor people think nobody is happy with money. Maybe, they have been taught it by rich people.

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