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I have been making a game after I had seen Neon Genesis Evangelion (The most influential and beloved anime according to Netflix and if you haven’t seen yet, I recommend it. ). I’m a bit lazy developer, I spared only 3 or 4-day last year for this project from watching anime. 

First of all, it’s about a post-apocalyptic world after some experiment that happened badly end like anime. Humankind abandoned Earth after that; now, every survivor lives space stations. After a one-decade mysterious girl arrived at your station and your life will change with this event. She’s quite an interesting character, and you didn’t know about anything her. But some reasons you will be a partner with her to search for something on Earth after years disaster. By the way, your mom works this station as vice chief.


  • Okabe Whim (You)
  • Isabelle Whim (Mother)
  • Director R. (Director of USSL)
  • Amelia (Strange Companion)
  • William Adam (Assistant of Director R.)
  • Voids, Students, and other staff.

The idea of Voids (Proxies)

Since the old man feels lonely, he wants to create equal one himself but he doesn’t know what he is in entire eternity. He needs someone other to describe himself. The old man creates voids from nothing. Voids create creatures from themselves. Unfortunately, he never understands what he has done. He deserted Voids. Now, they claim themselves as Gods. 


  1. Beginning of End
  2. Episode
  3. Episode

Episode 1: Beginning of End

You need to find your mother to talk about her request. She waits in the control bridge. After talking with your mother, she said to you “Rest a while and attend lessons. We don’t need you now.” This period you’re free to attend to lesson or wander around.

A few minutes later, you encounter with William Adam (Assistant of Director). He’s arguing with a girl who you have never seen before here. When he sees you stopping argue and invite you. He introduces her as your new companion to you. A strange girl is not from your sector. You learn about just her name is Amelia. Before he leaves, he wants you to show around her because she has just arrived at H-01.

You can find page below.

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